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Process Capability
Item Standard Capable
Panel Size Maximum 460*610mm(18*24) 544*620(21*24.4)
Layer Count up to 12 26
Lanminate Material
FPC All kinds of Flexble.Pnint Cir
MCPCB(metal core) Aluminum Board;Copper Board
Rogers(Low Dk/Df) All series for RO 3000 AND RO 4000
Nelco Nelco 4000;NELCO 7000
Isola All series for ISOLA
Halogen Free TG150 TG200
Finished Board Thickness 0.2 mm-5.0 mm 6.0 mm
Minimum Core Thickness 0.075 mm 0.05 mm
Finished Thickness Tolerance 10% 5%
Copper Foil Weights
Copper Foil Weights Intemal 1/3 to 2 ounce 5 ounce
Copper Foil Weights Extemal 1/3 to 2 ounce 5 ounce
Minimum Drilled Hole Size 0.2 mm 0.15 mm
Finished Hoie Size(Normal) 0.2 mm 0.15 mm
HDI 0.1 mm 1 mm
Plated Hole Tolerances (+/-) 0.076 mm(0.003'') 0.05 mm(0.002'')
Non Plated Hole Tolerances (+/-) 0.05 mm(0.002'')  
Dimension Tolerances (+/-) 0.13 mm(0.005'') 0.05 mm(0.002'')
Surface Finished
HASL/PB free YES  
Plated Gold YES  
OSP (Entek) YES  
Immersion Tin YES  
Carbon Ink YES  
Selected immersion gold YES  
Lines,Spaces & Pad Diameters
Inner Layer Line Width 0.1 mm 0.05 mm
Inner Layer Spacing 0.1 mm 0.076 mm
Outer Layer Line Width 0.1 mm 0.076 mm
Outer Layer Spacing 0.1 mm 0.076 mm
O/S Test Pitch 0.4 mm 0.35 mm
Registration 0.076 mm(0.003'') 0.05 mm(0.002'')
Solder mask
Minimum Mask Clearance (LPI) 0.05 mm 0.0025 mm
Soldermask Color Green/Yellow/Black/Blue/Red Any Color
Minimum Soldermask Dam 0.076 mm 0.05 mm
Legend Color White Yellow / Black
Warpage and Twist 0.70%  
Special process
Board edge platin YES  
Blind/ Buried Via HDI (3+N+3) any layer
Hole Aspect Ratio 8 to 1 10 to 1
Semi-routing hole YES  
VIP VIA filled with resin after plating