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Flexible Print Circuit board (FPC) is made by soft plastic insulating film with copper foil and adhesive lamination integrated after reproduction processing into a Conductor. Not as general rigid PCB's, it with bending resistance, thin and light.

Main purposes such as:

1. Car dashboard, A.B.S, air conditioning SENSOR;
2. Computer: Notebook, HDD, PRINTER; Cameras, Video Cameras, BAR CODE READER and other daily necessities;
3. Industrial Instrumentation;
4. Medical Instrumentation;
5. Space Communications and Military products.

EW PCB in single-sided double-side FPC soft board already importing to mass production, now the main R & D of multilayer soft board is planned in 2014 to import the multi-layer soft board to mass production

  • Industry Internet
  • Layer10Layer
  • Surface treatmentGold Finish
  • Industry Rigid-Flex
  • Layer 4Layer
  • Surface treatmentGold Finish