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Special materials

ROGERS 3000 and ROGERS 4000 series: Application in Communication Equipment, Communications Infrastructure, Computer and Office Equipment, Defense and other field. Products are High-frequency and Low DK. EW Electrononics in Rogers series production has obtained UL certisfication. We can produce the multilayer material solely for Rogers.

  • Special Process Rogers 3000 Teflon
  • Layer 4 Layer
  • Surface treatment Teflon
  • Special Process Rogers 4000 Ceramic plate
  • Layer 4 Layer
  • Surface treatment Gold Finish

Alumunum Board: LED backlight, power D / CA / C converters, regulators, voltage regulator, ignition, industrial motor controller

  • Industry IPC
  • Layer 1 Layer
  • special Process Aluminum plate
  • Special Specifications Gold Finish
  • Industry IPC
  • Layer 2 Layer
  • Special Process Aluminum plate
  • Special Specifications HASL