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About us

Everlast Win Electronics Co., Ltd (EW) is located at Jhongli Industrial Park of Taoyuan Country, franchised Printed Circuit Board Manufactures. Since it inception, uphold the principle of good quality and with the fast delivery service no matter day or night. We response to the customer demands in rapidly and is well known in the electronics industry and because of we do our best to cooperate with customer demands and excellent process capability then appreciate by the customers.

Every time to cope with Customers' tasks, from Cut Lamination to delivery products, every process standards are rigorously control; we had purchased the up-to-date equipments to enhance the technical capacity; each output of a finished product is outstanding teamwork process.

Our ongoing commitment to R & D units of new materials, new products, new processes and high-end board technology research and development, determined to become the Irreplaceable choice for all the demands of our Customers, Loyalty Partner.

We have been absorbed in the management of the original profession all the time, have pursued the growth and progress of the company with the sane and steady and sure principle, especially focus on the promotion and development of technological abilities of the quality of Customer services, in the face of the keen competition among the international markets in the future, EW hopes through promoting the cooperation with Customers continuously, jointly develop new generation products and technology, in order to grasp the market chances, guarantee to meet Customer's demands.

We are committed to technology development and process improvement continously upgrade technological capabilities in order to provide the best provess capability and technology to our customer. We also achieved ISO9000, 14000 OHSA18000 and UL and other internetional quality certification.

We"believe" our process capability makes Customer satisfaction!

We"listen" to our Customers, and to establish the close partnership!

We"promise" in the most economical cost and best quality to create win-win success!

No limits in process capability. Zero defects in Quality.